Competitive Solar Financing Made Simple
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Rate Project

We evaluate project factors to automatically match your project with the best financing options from our banks.

Gather Info

We simplify the credit application process for your customer, ensuring the right documents get to the right people.

Fund project

Once all docs are signed, bank funds can be released as progress payments or a lump sum at interconnection.

Funding Options

Get the right type of financing for your needs

Keep the tax benefits

In a Solar Loan or PACE financing, the host customer owns the solar energy system from the start.  This means the host receives all tax credits and incentives, and the bank receives financing payments.

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Offload the tax benefits

In a Solar Lease, the bank owns the solar equipment and receives all tax credits and incentives in addition to lease payments from the customer.  These typically have a buyout clause at year 7 or 10.

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Project Types

Our sweet spots

Commercial:  Small, Medium, & Large

From small standalone PV systems to large multi-site customer solar installations, SolRates offers competitive financing options on a wide variety of commercial projects. With 59 financing products from our banking partners, we offer attractive financing on projects from $20K to $10M.

Please note: For projects over $250k, installers must have at least three years in business and three interconnected commercial solar projects to qualify for a SolRates account.